Alfredo Giantin

Alfredo Giantin shoes are produced entirely in Italy, in the footwear district of the Riviera del Brenta by a pool of skilled artisans who give life to a product that has now around forty years of history.

The first choice materials and the fine workmanship have made Alfredo Giantin an artisan brand renowned for quality and comfort.

A love story that has lasted about 40 years

After having trained as a pattern maker during the 1960s, Alfredo Giantin began working as a shoe craftsman in 1968. A choice that allowed him to permanently change his life and also that of the feet of the many women who from there a few years later they could have worn his wonderful shoes. In the beginning, in fact, he followed the entire evolution of his designed models, starting from the design phase of the model, to move on to the development phase, up to the point of combining the various elements that make up a shoe. Such a passion and dedication that allowed him to quickly become a specialist in women's shoes, so much so that he was appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad.

Alfredo Giantin, the excellence of Made in Italy

The will of Alfredo Giantin has always been to remain a great craftsman of women's shoes and for this reason he has always sold almost exclusively his own brands. The philosophy behind the success of the Alfredo Giantin brand is to be found in the idea of ​​working only with a restricted circle of trusted collaborators who can therefore contribute to the production of quality women's shoes. In addition to the human element, obviously, much attention is paid to the raw materials that are of undoubted quality. To make this brand unique, however, is the ability to be able to dominate even today in markets around the world without renouncing to Made in Italy: as already mentioned, in fact, all the shoes are produced in the Riviera del Brenta.

Alfredo Giantin, women's shoes for every style

Quality craftsmanship is the basis of the success of the Alfredo Giantin brand, which has always designed and built comfortable, versatile and above all resistant shoes. Starting from the attention to stitching, through carefully selected leathers and soles, Alfredo Giantin shoes are a real must have for every woman who wants to be always in fashion, without forgetting comfort. Starting from the youthful lines, through the middle-aged women's shoes and the moccasin, up to the summer sandal, the winter boot, the ankle boot and the dancing shoes, you will be spoiled for choice!

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