Audley is one of the major Spanish brands dedicated to the production of high quality women's shoes. The company, present on the European market since the 1940s, was registered as a real brand only in 1988, but has been taking care of women's fashion for over 80 years.

The style of Spanish women's shoes is unmistakable, because it reminds us of the style of Andalusian dance shoes even in the most closed and high-profile models.

The quality of Audley shoes

Audley shoes are very high quality shoes characterized by affordable and average prices. They are entirely produced in Spain and the attention to detail is maximum. In order to make a premium product accessible, a production method was chosen that brings factory manufacturing to the middle of the road with craftsmanship. Each shoe is produced thanks to the most innovative machinery and techniques and is then checked and finished by hand. The quality of the chosen materials is very high and the finishes are treated in detail.

Audley design

The design of Audley women's shoes is, as just mentioned, a strong reference to the shapes of Spanish dance shoes. Thick heels, wave decorations, medium heel height and rounded toes are the masters in every catalog. From collection to collection, however, there is always a marked desire on the part of designers to make products current and in step with fashion. This is why Audley shoes are never banal and never the same, from year to year. The basic lines remain identical, but the textures and fabrics chosen change, applications and decorations change. Among the materials that are most popular there are leather and suede, but there are also shoes in fabric or in synthetic and innovative materials, which are used to obtain more original results.

Audley comfort

Audley shoes, although characterized by a marked femininity, are designed for women of all ages. There are almost never in the catalog shoes with very high heels: the flagship diamond of the brand are the medium heels, 6/8/10 centimeters, often quite robust and perfect for stabilizing the fit and making it comfortable even during long days on your feet . Everything is almost always consolidated by the presence of comfortable buckles that cross the instep, typical of Audley shoes and present in both winter and open, summer ones.

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