Balduccelli is one of the major leading brands in Italy as regards the production of women's summer sandals .
The brand, which has been on the market for several years now, specializes exclusively in the women's sandal sector and, thanks to its creations, manages to meet the tastes and needs of a colorful clientele.

The Balduccelli sandals are in fact designed to meet the style needs of women belonging to any age group, since the heels and the models exist in variants with both low and medium / low heels. Furthermore, by creating a rather wide range of models from collection to collection, they are able to meet the needs of any type of woman and occasion of use, lending themselves well to both an afternoon walk with friends and more formal events.

Balduccelli: jewel sandals for every occasion

The style of Balduccelli women's shoes is recognizable among a thousand. Balduccelli shoes can be recognized because, more than just sandals, they are real jewel sandals , characterized by decorations composed of gem appliques or for example by particular finishes, gold chains, inlays, chic lacing and much more.
Balduccelli sandals fall within the high-end quality range but have an affordable price, which makes them attractive for a large slice of the market. The spearhead of the brand are flat sandals, but there is no lack of medium heels or more particular footwear. As for the design, we go from flip-flops to slave sandals, without forgetting the slippers and the more original models, with double lacing, ankle straps, chains or fabric straps scattered here and there.

Balduccelli: the quality of made in Italy

Balduccelli women 's sandals are entirely made in Italy and have all the constructive characteristics of quality made in Italy. Maximum attention and care is in fact in the choice of fabrics, leathers and gems to be used. Designers are constantly active to research not only the shape and aesthetics, but also the comfort of each piece.
The choice of colors is meticulous: the background color of the sandals and that of the jewel decorations blend perfectly with each other, giving life to sandals that are always refined and bright and never too excessive.

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