Belle Vie

Belle Vie was born in 2015, from the experience of Tuscan artisans combined with their spirit of innovation and constant search for new ways to express the value of quality footwear . The extreme attention paid to the details of each model conceived and produced requires a strong bond to the traditions and the territory of which, in an indissoluble way, it is part. The production process, from design to construction, takes place entirely in Italy, in the factory located in the province of Pisa and, precisely, in Montopoli Val D'Arno.

Each model is assigned the name of a street in the cities of the world, to evoke the important role of this high quality handcrafted product, ideologically destined to travel the streets of the entire planet. The brand is destined for an expansion, above all cultural and strongly identifying with the most classic of Made in Italy, which does not fear competitors in any corner of the globe.

The right choice for dynamic women who do not give up on style

Belle Vie takes care of women, demanding by nature, supporting them in the search for elegance with practical aspects that are trendy, for a contemporary look suitable for every day. The excellent quality of the materials used combined with the care dedicated to the design of each model, make it an absolutely recommended purchase for women looking for a superior product that ensures: an aesthetic result that is unparalleled, comfort and a pinch of eccentricity that it wants. say class and sure-footed.

The passe-partout models for this autumn winter 2018 Belle vie

Belle Vie ranges from sandals to boots, with a great variety of colors and models, reinterpreting all needs, from the more sober to the more particular ones in the right balance between style and desire to amaze. There are no models more popular than others, because all in their own way offer exactly what is requested and desired. Undoubtedly, within the new autumn winter 2018 collection there are models that, due to their characteristics, are indispensable must-haves. The characteristics of the passe-partout models are: easily matched colors, maximum comfort without sacrificing the momentum of a discreet heel, high quality leather for the entire upper and non-slip rubber sole. The Belle Vie "Via Roma" is a universal model practically adaptable to any look, which can tend to be sporty or elegant depending on the occasion and the accessories to match. The ankle boot is in black leather with a 7 cm internal wedge. and 3 cm sole. finished in beige and white. The side zip allows a comfortable fit and adherence to the leg for the best effect even with an elegant outfit. "Via Borsieri" focuses on suede and splits in two. The model is the same as "Via Roma", available in two shades: dove gray and black, with vertical bands on the back according to the following pairs: black and plum on the dove gray model and dove gray and white on the black model. Both very chic, they grant an increase in height for a total of 10 cm. The contrasting stitching and the wedge heel give it a youthful and contemporary look.

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