Cangiano since 1943

Cangiano since 1943 is a brand of footwear of excellence synonymous with handmade quality made in Italy. The Cangiano family has preserved the ancient traditions of footwear production handed down from father to son, transmitting all the warmth and family harmony to their leather works. The meticulous care with which Cangiano carries out the production process transforms the shoe from a mere consumer product into an intimate pleasure for true connoisseurs.

In the Cangiano factory there are expert Master Shoemakers who make strictly handmade shoes, reproducing and updating the ancient Italian manufacturing traditions. Every stage of production (design, drawing, cutting, edging, folding, beating, assembly of the upper, finishing) is presided over by the expert hands of a specialized craftsman who works in synergy with the other artisans of the supply chain, making the excellence of the final product possible. : a wonderful handmade shoe in Italy!

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