Cavallini men's and women's shoes are entirely produced in Italy by the Cavallaccio shoe factory through a family tradition of researching the best Italian leathers and developing footwear handed down from generation to generation. The result of the current Cavallini shoe collection is achieved thanks to the deep knowledge of the Italian raw material which is combined with the use of modern technologies, thus achieving perfection in the development of high quality leather footwear.

In the assortment of Cavallini shoes on our site you can mostly find the workhorse of the brand or the ankle boots and ankle boots. Cavallini ankle boots are entirely made with soft top quality leathers, the result of research by Campania artisans, masters in leather processing.

The leather processing of Cavallini ankle boots is very varied and accurate, the women's shoe collection offers spring and summer models in perforated leather with a single distinguishable zigzag stitching visible on the side confirming the craftsmanship of the shoes, or models in woven leather with buckle and medium heel in gray, beige or blue colors.

For those who prefer the appearance of smooth and lightly worked leather, in the Cavallini collection there are leather ankle boots that enhance the softness of raw-cut and hand-shaded leather. Comfort is a fundamental aspect of Cavallini's footwear, starting from the ease of wearing the shoe which can have a rear zipper or side elastic, up to the prolonged wearing guaranteed by the softness of the leather lining and the leather insole.

Cavallini shoes are ideal for women of all ages who love to wear Italian quality products, sober but at the same time unique in their kind. Every detail of Cavallini footwear is carefully crafted and defined by hand, in this way all the shoes are checked in detail by skilled Tuscan artisans, making sure that the result is to create women's and men's footwear in the highest quality leather.

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