Kendall Kylie

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the two sisters who created the global lifestyle brand KENDALL KYLIE of which we present a selection of sandals, decolletè sneakers and ankle boots.

American models, both models, famous as style icons and fashion influencers, Kendal and Kyle play a leading role in the digital landscape and have become, especially through TV and social media, among the most popular of this generation.

Kylie is one of the protagonists of a reality show that tells the life of her family and the Kardashian family.

Their participation in fashion shows, music videos, gossip and fashion articles etc… cannot be counted.

Their style, which is reflected in their collections, captures the unpredictable essence of today's young fashion lovers: casual, sexy but never vulgar, sophisticated, full of energy.

Since 2012 the Jenner sisters, after other successful entrepreneurial experiences, have launched a line of clothing and accessories for Pacsun and three years later have collaborated on the creation of a California-inspired capsule collection for Topshop.

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