Lotto Leggenda

Lotto is an Italian company passionate about the world of sport that, since 1973, has been designing and producing the best footwear for most sports activities such as running, football, tennis, fitness, running. The famous Lotto symbol of the two intersected rectangles represents two overlapping playing fields, Lotto Sport's goal has always been to produce the best footwear for athletes, innovative and comfortable to improve sports performance.

Lotto Leggenda the union of sport and lifestyle

Lotto Leggenda, on the other hand, was born later, thanks to the fusion of the experience gained in sports footwear and the desire to establish itself in lifestyle too, Lotto Leggenda shoes are collections that can be worn in leisure time, made of highly technical material from the playing fields but harmoniously adapted. to the fashion trends of the moment.

Lotto Leggenda shoes boast numerous collections, colorful, comfortable and performing, ideal for those who love to dress comfortably and in an informal way without neglecting the originality and refinement of Lotto Leggenda casual shoes adaptable to any occasion and matched to any style.

Which batch model to choose?

Among the best known collections of Lotto Leggenda men's shoes there is the Tokyo line, made in suede suede and nylon with unmistakable brand sewn on the side, internal cork insole, raised rubber sole and double throw included in the package to customize the style according to clothing. The vastness of the colors available from the Lotto Leggenda Tokyo collection cannot satisfy every taste. And for those who prefer to wear leather sports shoes, Lotto offers the Autobiograph collection, simple and with attention to the smallest details such as the perforation on the toe of the scapra, the microfiber upper and the multicolor lace combined with the colors of the brand invariably sewn on the side.

The Lotto Leggenda Autobiograph model is also available in a completely nylon version with leather toe and escutcheon. For an even more special look. Lotto Leggenda accompanies you in every season with footwear with a similar cut but made of materials that can be worn in any temperature, all Lotto shoes in addition to style, boast the profound experience and innovation achieved in the sports field. You can wear the quality of Lotto Leggenda shoes in any situation, on the pitch and outside.

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