In the vast panorama of footwear and clothing in general, a brand like Lumberjack confirms itself as an authentic point of reference thanks to always very high quality standards. Let's take a look at the reasons why this company has managed to grow exponentially, providing high-level models resulting from the careful and methodical work of a team of professionals.

When and how the great success of Lumberjack was born

Lumberjack's strength goes back a long way. For about 40 years this company has been offering first-class footwear and not only to an extended circle of potential customers, in order to guarantee them a high level of relaxation and comfort . 1979 is the year in which this reality began to take shape thanks to the passion of a Veronese craftsman, who was struck by a trip to North America. On that occasion, he appreciated the wild nature of a boundless territory and projected it towards a brand inspired by the Canadian Rangers. Not surprisingly, the brand logo consists of two maple leaves, also present in the flag of the same nation.

A keen eye on urban nature

Also thanks to the commitment of those who founded this company, Lumberjack does not hide its intention to focus on a philosophy capable of combining an urban style and total immersion in unspoiled nature. This mission is also known with the particular expression of UrbaNature, a neologism that makes it easy for each user to understand how much this company wants to focus on the combination of two such important and iconic elements. The clothing items therefore serve to satisfy the need for a perfect middle ground between the importance of practicality and the search for an intriguing and personal style.

A series of footwear between comfort and technology

Another ambivalence highlighted by Lumberjack concerns the opposition involving two leading elements in the footwear sector. We are talking about the search for maximum comfort and the use of increasingly advanced technology. In this context, no small importance is played by the introduction of the modern Shock Absorber system. The latter is realized through the insertion of small pistons, built in an innovative TPU silicone. In this way, the negative effects deriving from vibrations on the ground are minimized and you can take long walks in complete safety, even on rough terrain. The shoes perform well and immerse your feet in a safe and calm atmosphere.

An increasingly constant commitment in the world of clothing

In addition to footwear, Lumberjack has been engaged for several years in the production of clothing with a look capable of leaving you speechless. A clear example in this sense is represented by the range of jackets of the brand , with products suitable for every period of the year. Of modular construction and high-strength materials, these garments adapt perfectly to the size of those who intend to buy and use them. Also, very interesting is the modern sleeveless down jacket, a very light latest generation gilet that is great especially for autumn and spring. In this way, Lumberjack broadens its horizons and is committed to spreading its personality more and more.

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