From the creator of the most famous diaries and notebooks in the world, a selection of the best MOLESKINE travel bags and accessories are now available at SANGIORGIO. Backpacks, bags and briefcases designed for free and enterprising spirits. Global and metropolitan travelers, creative of business and art. MOLESKINE are the ideal accessories for those who need space and organization for their great ideas!

Moleskine backpacks, briefcases and bags

Whether your destination is near or far, is what you bring with you that defines your trip. Stay connected to the world or travel in analog? Do you bring only the essential or even the superfluous? Are you ready to change direction or remain always faithful to your itinerary? Your choices reflect your intentions and expectations and the bags you choose to take with you on the road shape your traveler identity. For the artists and writers Moleskine draws inspiration from, traveling meant much more than moving from one place to another. Today we keep alive this spirit by designing objects that make your travels unique experiences.

Although they are available in different shapes, sizes and styles, the Moleskine bags collections all refer to the legendary Moleskine notebook with its emblematic details, such as rounded corners, elastic closure and "in case of loss" label sewn inside. From the sober lines of the Classic collection, to the elegance of the Leather collection and the practicality of the Metro Collection, all Moleskine bags are designed to carry your mobile office with you while you travel without having to give up a classic yet modern style.

In travel with Moleskine

All Moleskine objects are born from the idea of travel: from the beginning, the classic Moleskine notebook was conceived as a tool for artists and writers so that they could bring home ideas and inspirations collected during the trip. And just like the original Moleskine notebook, Moleskine bags are waiting to be filled with your stories.

It does not matter if your destination will be near or far, the objects you bring in your bag tell about your trip: a notebook full of notes, a pouch full of memories, a pocket or wallet full of tickets, phone numbers and photos. Traveling your objects acquire a new meaning and become exclusively yours, keeping the key to your memories, your thoughts and your identity. Discover all the collections of Moleskine bags, each with its own personality.

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