The O.X.S. brand was born Italy in 1991 with the vocation to reread, reconstruct and rework material, shapes and design typical of the working and military world, searching for always innovative and contemporary solutions.

Present-day shoes that are timeless and without spatial borders that inhale a global reality based on a heritage belonging to a solid and authentic Italian company based in the Marche region.

A melting pot between different cultures, workwear, combat boots and a grunge soul, in 1991 the first shoe of what would have become a new brand was born: O.X.S. It was the boot named FRANK with the inimitable chassis, that was to become a classic. Since then, many other names and many other shoes have become part of the O.X.S. “family”, all different and unique in their kind but, at the same time, always faithful to the same belief: made in Italy, industrial know how together with manual skill, craftsman care to the detail and, most of all, a cosmopolitan feel.

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