Ugg ankle boots represent a fashion and style icon that has conquered a large part of the female universe. Ugg boots have a very eccentric and extrovert design and are the ideal choice in the cold months as they are warm, comfortable and envelop the foot in a tender embrace. Ugg Australia ankle boots are available in different colors (black, cognac, brown, beige, pink, blue etc.) and in various models (snow boots, ankle boots, high boots, low boots, wedge boots etc.) to offer a wide and varied offer capable of personalizing and enhancing every outfit. On the site you can find discounted Uggs for all budgets and all needs.

Ugg boots Australian icon

The homeland of Ugg boots is Australia and in fact the footwear appeared for the first time in the land of kangaroos in the 70s. The creator of these spirited boots was Australian surfer Brian Smith who wore them on Californian beaches for the first time in 1978 to keep his feet warm after surfing. Shoes soon became a fashion icon as they met the favor of the public but also of Hollywood stars, rightfully entering the "elite" of world fashion. Today Ugg boots complete winter and casual outfits and give a touch of style to the various looks without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Features Ugg boots

Ugg boots use double-sided leather, suede on the outside and with wool fleece on the inside. In recent times, particular technologies have been adopted to make footwear porous and usable both in winter, when the foot is kept warm, and in summer when the foot remains cool and dry. These shoe models are extremely versatile and multifunctional and adapt to the most varied outfits for the most diverse circumstances. The Ugg Bailey Bow glittered , sparkling and inspired by the glamorous Hollywood style go perfectly with the " Braccialini Tua Cartoline San Francisco" bag giving life to a very lively, jaunty and youthful look.

The Ugg classic mini II ankle boots, available in black, gray and chestnut colors, are suitable for more casual styles and are well suited to various outfits to face the various daily activities. In combination with the Hogan textured black shopping bag or with the comfortable Reptile's House H499 Cloves Wood sack bag these boots offer very suggestive, extroverted and fashionable outfits. Ugg girl boots are also available to allow the little ones to dress with style and according to the main fashion trends from an early age.

High or low, a model for every taste

The Ugg collection offers a wide and varied series of models ranging from high boots to low boots to dress in the right way on any occasion. Splendid examples of black Ugg mini are the Ugg mini classic ankle boots that stand out for the high quality of materials and workmanship. These low Uggs are available in different colors to combine various outfits and obtain very suggestive and seductive contrasts. Other particularly popular models are the extremely durable Ugg classic II short ankle boots with a casual style. The offer of tall Uggs is also particularly wide and allows you to create elegant, sexy and feminine outfits for any occasion. Among the most popular models stand out the Ugg classic tall II boots characterized by the softness of the sheepskin and by the romantically retro and timeless design.

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