Via Roma 15

Fashion has its times and its tastes, but if you search for the real made in Italy take a look at Via Roma 15, on the website The idea was born thirty years ago by Mr. Volpato Silvano who created a real artisan shoe factory, with the search for perfection and elegance at the base.

Even today, shoes are produced by hand with new technologies that guarantee attention to detail and high quality. The brand has worldwide fame and has broadened its horizons by producing trendy shoes without neglecting quality.

Via Roma 15 shop

Over the years the company has grown enormously and has increased its sales points in Italy and around the world. The main office is in Veneto, specifically in Abano Terme. In Europe there are many offices in France, Belgium, Norway, England, Germany, Denmark and America. To fully understand the great potential of the Volpato Silvano company, you will need to visit the site and you will discover many different and unique models.

Via roma 15 Elegance and class

The shoes for sale are the result of much work and study of details, thanks to the collaboration of valid employees who over the years have made the fortune of the company. The style is elegant and is suitable for all tastes.

You will be able to choose the most suitable shoes, choosing from a vast assortment. There are shoes to satisfy all tastes, from vintage to the current trend. The website is well structured and the quality of the products and of the many proposed brands is immediately evident.

Information and contacts

For more information on the vastness of the products on sale, you can directly access the site, make a registration request by entering your email and your data, or send an email directly. You will be contacted as soon as possible and any doubts will be dispelled. In the meantime you will be able to understand from the web gallery the very high quality of the proposed brand. More information is available on the various fashion magazines in the world that speak positively of Via Roma 15, with accurate articles.

Choosing this brand is certainly synonymous with quality, refinement and elegance and your shoes will be immediately noticed. Made in Italy is the pride of the Venetian company and a source of pride for Italians abroad. The peculiarity compared to other brands is represented by the handicraft production that has remained unchanged over time with the only difference that the evolution of some cutting-edge technologies, have greatly improved the product. Therefore if you choose a pair of Via Roma 15 shoes you will not find the usual commercial shoe, but you will find an artisan product of absolute quality. The attention to details has never been overshadowed and the seriousness of the innovations have allowed the Venetian company to conquer the world of footwear. Shoes also play a fundamental role in caring for your person, because in addition to elegance and quality, the company has not neglected comfort during the walk. On the site there is a blog to deepen some doubts before buying and then you can check all the positive reviews that are the first business card.

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