If there is a brand that, of all, most represents the world of high quality Italian manufacturing for women's fashion, that is certainly Coccinelle. Coccinelle , present on the market for over 40 years, deals with the creation of women's bags and accessories .

The material on which the brand relies for most of its creations is obviously leather, which is combined with synthetic fabrics, printed textures and much more to create bags and accessories that are always innovative and never banal.

The Coccinelle style

The Coccinelle style is truly unmistakable and has always been the company's greatest hallmark. It is a classic style tending towards bon-ton, but not redundant and never too "adult". The bags and accessories are in fact perfectly adaptable to women of any age, since they are presented as simple and refined but not too formal. The mix between pastel colors or even bright colors and details with clean and classic lines allows the brand to place on the market products that are halfway between classic and modern. The whole is embellished by the inverted "C" in gold which is often applied as a buckle and which has always been the "signature" of the brand.

The Coccinelle icons

Among the many products, Coccinelle also presents some "icons", that is bags with a timeless style that have always been part of the company catalogs, with annual revisions that make them always new even though the shape remains the same. These are especially the Arlettis, B14 and Ambrine models, loved by women all over the world. You can find these and other Coccinelle models on the San Giorgio Marate Calzature e-shop.

Ladybugs: bijoux and other accessories

Coccinelle is not just leather bags and accessories, on the contrary. The company, in addition to making wallets and key rings to match the models in the catalog, also produces bijoux, foulards, scarves, hats and much, much more. All the accessories are characterized by the typically Coccinelle style, a romantic but linear style and never over the top, bon-ton but not antiquated. Among the accessories, many are specially made with the same textures or the same decorations of some of the models of bags in the catalog, so as to allow a quick combination. Others, on the other hand, are products in their own right, perfect to be purchased or donated even individually. This is the case, for example, of the charms, present in every collection, which can be used to embellish bracelets and necklaces but also bags and backpacks.

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