Fabi shoes are entirely made in Italy with only best hides carefully selected and crafted by experienced artisans. Fabi shees, both for man and for woman, are made by a long and sofisticated work that bring to live boots, oxford shoes, mocassins, ankle boots and sneakers of the highest quality.

Handmade shoes

Fabi shoes are completely handmade, Fabi holds the Flex Goodyear patent, the flexible and modeling sole symbol of every Fabi men's shoe. Fabi's Flex Goodyear sole undergoes 102 work steps. It consists of several layers of leather, cork and rubber that fit perfectly to the foot, following the profile of the plant, modeling itself to the wearer for a fit that is nothing short of comfortable and extremely personal. .

Elegant and casual shoes

Moccasins or lace-up shoes, Fabi men's shoes are perfect for an elegant look and also for a casual look. They combine perfectly with the elegant dress as a straight leg jeans with a more sporty cut.

The Fabi men's shoes collection boasts classic models such as shiny calfskin laces and concealed stitching and more fancy models such as the soft suede loafers with side brass buckles of the special capsule dedicated to the region of origin of the brand, Le Marche. The special monk model takes up the bright colors of the Marche earth and sun.

Fabi, quality first

The brand Fabi is always in step with fashion, constantly creating shoes suitable for a man with an important style, fascinating and elegant. Fabi men's shoes are ideal for a business appointment, for a business trip and for formal and informal occasions, the style for Fabi is of fundamental importance, but the comfort is even more so as it is the strength of the Fabi brand built in years of experience by the best Italian artisans.

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