For lovers of beautiful Italian shoes, BRECOS is a choice of quality and style that does not leave disappointed.

These shoes born in Carinaro (near Naples), where the artisan workers pass on a centuries-old shoe tradition.

The result is an handmade product of great quality and aplomb typical of the Italian taste. Classic style and fashion are mixed in the Brecos shoes that you can find in our online catalog.

the Brecos style

The Brecos style is a style that is perfectly halfway between classic and modern . Footwear varies considerably from collection to collection, while maintaining the same initial imprinting, which is typical of classic footwear. Traditional models such as lace-ups or moccasins are flanked by more modern shoes, perfect for satisfying the tastes of a younger age group. The lines of the male tradition are softened and made current by innovative leather washes, ad hoc processes, inlays and small stylistic details, such as the combination of leathers of different colors or the mix of smooth textures and weaves, between leather and suede, between fabric and leather.

Brecos: quality

The quality of Brecos men's shoes is impeccable. Each shoe is made in full compliance with those that are the cornerstone principles of Italian manufacturing. The attention to detail is meticulous. The quality of the footwear starts from a very subtle research of materials. The leather cuts are selected from the best pieces and are treated with due care in order to embellish their appearance and make them durable over time. The design is carefully studied so as to put shoes on the market that are both beautiful to look at and flawless in fitting. The fit is comfortable and comfortable. Each shoe is handmade and checked several times before reaching the sales market. The finishes are handled individually by expert craftsmen in the footwear sector, who passionately assemble each product.

The Brecos models

Nothing is really missing from the Brecos men's footwear line. Designed for men of all ages, Brecos shoes range from extremely informal sneaker to ultra classic shoe, Derby or buckle model. In each collection there is never a lack of what has always been a hallmark of the brand, that is the intertwined textures. Leathers that intertwine with each other to form splendid grids, typical of Italian manufacturing, and which thus go to make up entire uppers or parts of them.

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