J. Wilton

Footwear produced with superior quality materials by Italian artisans, with particular artistic and craft procedures handed down from generations and able to give to every single product quality and uniqueness. Synonymous with classic elegance, Jerold Wilton is a guarantee of a workmanship ... "handmade in Italy".

Handmade in the family-run artisan company, founded and run by Luigi De Cristofaro, Jerold Wilton shoes aim to stand out for their style and quality in Italian footwear fashion.

Jerold Wilton handmade shoes made in Italy

Thanks to a modern and equipped structure, located in an area considered the fulcrum of Neapolitan footwear production, the shoe factory has grown in recent years. Thanks to continuous research and a workforce of old and new generation artisans, the J. Wilton brand has been appreciated by customers as an excellence of Made in Italy. Using precious materials and exclusive craftsmanship techniques, handed down for generations, footwear works of particular value are born, today known and appreciated all over the world and signed by Jerold Wilton. In addition, the brand has been esteemed in the footwear sector for years, for its stylistic consultancy services and production for some internationally renowned brands.

Handmade lace-ups and moccasins

Footwear works produced with superior quality materials, by artisans from Campania, with particular artistic and craft procedures handed down for generations, designed to give each individual product value and uniqueness. In fact, every small imperfection linked to the tones and finishes are to be understood as a value, and not as a defect, becoming a guarantee of a workmanship ... "handmade in Italy"

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