The Moreschi men's shoes represent an excellence in the Italian footwear scene. The historic company of Vigevano (Pavia), born as a workshop of footwear, today is a modern company that produces excellent shoes appreciated all over the world for style, comfort and quality.

We have selected for you some of the most successful Moreschi shoes, including oxford, moccasins and derby for business and free time.

Since 1946, Moreschi means "pleasure of walking", a mix of tradition and modernity for a unique style that combines elegance and craftsmanship.

The great quality of Moreschi shoes

Moreschi footwear offers refined and contemporary interpretations of the Italian artisan shoe, developing a know-how of special processes that are handed down from generation to generation and underline the value of its manpower.

BLAKE PROCSSING. It is a method used for shoes with both a leather sole and a rubber sole and guarantees an optimal anchorage between the upper, the insole and the sole.

The sole, after being glued and pressed to the upper and the insole, is further fixed with the use of the Blake, a special machine that makes the seam at the bottom of the shoe.

TUBULAR PROCESSING. It is the typical work of the moccasin. Strictly executed by hand, it distinguishes the shoe because of its extremely flexible and soft shape.

The upper runs under the sole of the foot forming a "leather tubular". Subsequently, the craftsman sews with scraps (special needle used for this operation) and twine waxed the patelletta to the rest of the upper.

Moreschi, an Italian story

La Moreschi was founded in 1946 thanks to the inspiration and the entrepreneurial spirit of Mario Moreschi who, within a decade, led her to affirmation on the Italian territory. In 1957 the guide passed to his son GianBeppe who led the company to the final consecration and success on the international market. Since then, Moreschi shoes have dressed famous and non-famous feet, of cinema, music and sport. They were comrades of popes, heads of state, members of the nobility and world aristocracy, as well as inseparable lucky charms of captains of industry and sheiks, but above all the shoes were Moreschi and are interpreters of that Italian know-how that made the Made in Italy synonymous with excellence in the world.

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