Premiata shoes

Premiata, leader in the footwear sector, was founded in 1991 in Montegranaro by Graziano Mazza who is currently the creative director of the brand. The origins of this brand, however, are much older: the Mazza family, in fact, since 1885, or for four generations, has produced high quality footwear. Today the Italian brand has conquered an international audience, which has let itself be seduced by the quality and beauty of these shoes, which can count on the craftsmanship on one hand and the most innovative techniques on the other. Let's find out all there is to know about this iconic footwear company.

Premiata unique shoes

Premiata shoes, made following the ancient family artisan tradition, are shoes finished in every detail that represent a true excellence of made in Italy. Each shoe, in fact, is made taking into account the real needs of the user, always ensuring maximum comfort. Premiata shoes are not just shoes: they embody the modern and dynamic spirit and represent the ideal choice for the coolest and most metropolitan types, who have an agenda full of commitments and who want to show themselves in public always impeccable and trendy. But what contributes to making the shoes of this brand unique? The strength of Premiata consists in fact in the ability to merge manufacturing tradition with research and experimentation: its designers, in fact, are always attentive to the latest trends and the most innovative technical materials. Having found a perfect balance between classic and modern, the footwear brand today can count on a vast and prestigious audience.

Premiata men's shoes

Premiata men's shoes allow you to create both elegant and refined outfits, and more dynamic and sporty looks. In fact, the brand proposes a series of models for each collection that embrace many styles and satisfy the needs of all users. You can choose, for example, from the award-winning sneakers, the moccasins or the classic slippers (i.e. the shoes without laces). Each model is characterized by an innovative and avant-garde design that well reflects the modern man and his love for minimal style. Premiata women's shoes The Premiata brand also offers a vast assortment of footwear for women that are well suited to any occasion, even the most exclusive. Think of the refined décolleté, the heeled boots or the romantic summer sandals finished in the smallest details; there are also more comfortable and practical footwear to be used every day, without sacrificing style, such as sneakers or shoes with laces, for example. In addition to being so comfortable and light that they can be worn for a whole day without creating inconvenience, the award-winning shoes are a perfect fusion between an innovative and attentive to the latest trends and a retro design, always ready to wink at the past. In this way, any woman can feel represented by the shoes she wears.

Buy Premiata online

The fastest way to have a delicious pair of Premiata shoes on your feet is to proceed with the online purchase. Say goodbye to stressful traffic, endless laps to find parking and endless lines at the checkout of a physical store. Connect from your smartphone or pc and with a few clicks you're done: what are you waiting for? To have a perfect outfit we recommend pairing Premiata sneakers with a pair of Levi's jeans: Premiata shoes worn with this iconic and timeless garment will make you absolutely irresistible!

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