Calpierre shoes are handmade products based on tradition and innovation: a combination between a strong propensity for technological evolution and craftsmanship. Calpierre are comfortable shoes produced according to the tradition of Made in Italy, the one handed down from father to son and which takes care of the present and attention for the fashions of tomorrw.

Since 1992, when the first women's autumn-winter collection was launched, Calpierre's proposal for the female world has continually expanded to include modern models in the collection, such as the slip on slippers in soft suede enriched with delicate rhinestones on the toe that they are characterized by the usual elegance and attention to detail that Calpierre puts into its every creation. The style of Calpierre footwear is classic, but never out of fashion.

Calpierre offers qualitatively excellent footwear, with simple lines and appreciated for many years both in Italy and abroad. In the Calpierre women's range you can find from the laced moccasin with reinforced heel for a masculine but elegant and refined look, to the high-heeled and comfortable sandal in the laminated colors ideal for an outdoor evening to sip an aperitif in company or for a sunny working day.

Then there are the winter models, flagships of the Calpierre brand, such as the boots with a legging up to the knee made from the finest leather, with a soft leather sole and light rubber sole, a must for the season along with the ankle boots and ankle boots with a classic cut, always characterized by soft, carefully worked leather by hand. The entire local production, from the choice of Italian material to the sale of the product, contains professionalism, seriousness and passion. Qualities that make the Calpierre brand a safety for women in step with fashion and elegance.

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