Chie Mihara

Chie Mihara is a Spanish brand of women's shoes . Chie Mihara shoes are characterized by good quality and a decidedly over the top design.

Chie Mihara: the history of the brand

Chie Mihara, a famous Spanish designer, launched his first line of shoes back in 2002 with no particular objectives for commercial expansion. The goal was in fact only one: to produce footwear that was elegant and feminine but at the same time fun and comfortable. In fact, Chie Mihara has always supported women's rights and takes care of the "behind the scenes" of every creation in detail. Because women want to feel beautiful and fashionable, but they are also companions, mothers and great workers. They need practicality, comfort and versatility of use. All synonyms that perfectly describe the shoes produced by the great Spanish brand.
The style is eclectic and fun, often embellished with very special details that make the shoes unique and original. To date, the Chie Mihara women's shoe brand is sold all over the world, from London to New York, and has also conquered the difficult Asian market with flying colors.

Chie Mihara shoes

Chie Mihara shoes are beautiful, comfortable and feminine. The catalog mainly consists of heeled shoes. But practical and perfect heeled shoes to meet the movement needs of everyday life. The focus is on femininity. Femininity that must not be flaunted with refined and sensual footwear but also through the use of fun and particular shoes, for women who also know how to take themselves seriously even in the look.
So here in the catalog there are always footwear with original prints, shoes with applique of all kinds (from embroidery to fake flowers, passing through buckles, studs and leather decorations. There is no shortage of the most classic footwear , perfect for the most outfits formal, as well as the most extrovert ones, suitable for both very young girls and older women who are looking for a particular accessory with which to give new life to their look without being excessive. Chie Mihara is this: a perfect compromise between fun and allure.

Chie Mihara bridal

Chie Mihara also presents a line of wedding shoes in the catalog. Again, the shoes are comfortable and practical, feminine but made unique by details that can make the difference. No dizzying and unusable heels, but rather heels of medium height that allow the bride to feel beautiful and enjoy the day of her dreams without having to worry about pain in the feet and back.

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