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Every woman has her style, her way of dressing, her preferences but undoubtedly every woman has a passion that she shares with her friend, with her mother and with her colleagues and of course it's for shoes. Shoes for women are a topic of conversation, the object of desire to enrich the outfit and curiosity from an early age when it was invariably wanted to imitate the adults and ended up in the shoe rack of the mother to wear heels and improvise models dragging at the foot high-heeled shoes much larger than your number.

Any shoe that is heeled or not can be elegant and sophisticated, for example on our display case you can find numerous models of sneakers that are comfortable and sporty but can also be combined with evening looks, like the Hogan models that thanks to the refined and precious details make of a sports shoe a particular shoe and ideal for completing a casual and well-kept clothing.

Sangiorgio Shop offers the most fashionable models every season, anticipates trends in style and colors, satisfies any request for glamor and comfort.

Whatever your gender, we have the right footwear for you. Are you a woman who never renounces heels and who would also wear slippers with a rise at home? Surely then you know the importance of finding high-heeled shoes that besides being beautiful are made with fine materials that ensure a fit as comfortable as possible to wear all day long to move from one business appointment to another always running without appearing fatigued or assuming a limping gait. And for the evening, don't give up, for example, a heeled sandal by Steve Madden with bright colors and fanciful materials like the multicolored python inserts of the Myndie model, a concentration of elegance and style.

Every occasion worthy of respect deserves special attention to the footwear that you choose to wear, left for so much involved in the vast proposal available on our site and why not continue to daydream of having a walk-in closet worthy of the protagonists of "Sex and the City".

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