Lace up shoes for women

If you want to complete your look with the right shoe, Sangiorgio women's lace-ups are the best choice and you can evaluate among dozens of proposals from the best brands in the sector, such as Moschino and Dr. Martens, icons of clothing. Women's lace-up shoes are versatile shoes for many stylish occasions, perfect to accompany during work commitments, an important meeting and breefing, but also an aperitif and an evening out with friends or partner.

The Sangiorgio Merate online shop specializes in the sale of women's lace-up shoes and offers a wide range of solutions for all tastes, respecting those Made in Italy parameters, such as choice in precious materials and attention to the smallest detail in production. Women's lace-up shoes meet aesthetic needs and ensure maximum comfort, through ergonomic fits and high-end performance. Let's find out in detail the collection of women's lace-up shoes available on our site, a roundup of stylish lace-up shoes not to be missed.

Feminine lace-up shoes with first choice materials

All models of women's lace-up shoes meet strict quality standards, including the materials with which they are packaged with craftsmanship. We are talking about very high performance leather and eco-leather, waterproof and water-repellent materials that ensure maximum comfort even during the winter. High-quality finish and careful details complete the fit of each lace-up, from classic ankle boots to Oxford Shoes with a distinctly British taste. Everything is taken care of in the smallest detail, from the sole to the upper, to the design and the appealing aesthetic result: choose the women's lace-up shoes available from Sangiorno Merate, synonymous with top-of-the-range shoes.

Many models of lace-ups for all tastes

The Sangiorgio online shop is a leader in the sale of women's lace-up shoes of all trends, from classic ankle boots to British-style Oxford Shoes, through Derby shoes and pointy lace-ups and Charleston-inspired footwear. Many moods for many types of women and just as many style occasions in which to wear them: each women's lace-up shoe is versatile and adapts to any dress code, day and night. For example, women's black lace-up shoes are ideal for a formal and more rigorous outfit, such as a ceremony or a gala evening: choosing the ankle boot is a very intriguing variant of the usual high heel, for an androgynous and certainly unexpected look. A pair of brightly colored lace-up shoes are suitable for every day, for work and leisure, for family commitments and for an outing with friends. Perfect for all needs but unique on occasions when you need to make a difference: each Sangiorgio women's lace-up shoe has a specific character and personality. Let's think, for example, of the Derby women's lace-ups, with that characteristic tapered pointed line: they are the detail that was missing in a distinctly masculine dandy look, to surprise during a work breefing with a note of originality. The women's lace-up ankle boots and boot lace-up variants give a casual chic touch to even the most monotonous outfit.

The importance of detail

The details are fundamental in choosing your new pair of shoes: you can evaluate different finishes and coatings, including the matt and opaque effect, or the lacquered and bright, according to your needs but also to your aesthetic taste. On the Sangiorgio Merate site, expert in women's lace-up sales, there are many brands such as Jane & Janet, Le Bohemien, Fratelli Rossetti, Alfredo Giantin, NinaLilou, Pregunta, Cult and Spazio Corridoni, from the most famous to the most exclusive and niche ones. All possible finishes are available, including the python and crocodile animal print, the studded or the smooth effect, as in the very minimal chic suede women's Derby lace-ups.

Lots of women's lace-ups to try

Sangiorgio Merate is the online boutique where you can do smart shopping and buy your favorite women's lace-ups, among many moods and inspirations. An opportunity to shop comfortably from home and buy with a click your new favorite shoe with laces, the elegant variant of the usual heel and décolleté: on the site there are casual chic shoes, with a vintage taste or with a British style that recall the lace-up shoes of rock bands across the Channel.

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