Boots for woman

Among the footwear that every woman should have, she can't miss boots, enveloping and sinuous. A pair of quality boots are a must have for all women who like to dress well and feel comfortable in their outfits, from the most elegant to the most casual. Carried with dresses, skirts or trousers, the boots really adapt to every style: just find the most suitable one.

Sangiorgio women's boots

What kind of boots does the online shop offer? All kinds of models are collected in the special category, starting with the classic boots below the knee. This type includes tube boots, which fits perfectly with the leg, accompanying it with their simple and essential lines. It is a model that never goes out of fashion and that can be declined in many ways, depending on the clothing chosen and the occasion. They're either with low heel, ideal for everyday life, or with high heel, to wear in the evening or when you want to be elegant.

Then there are the boots with elastic leggings, easy to wear and comfortable. The tour continues with the bikers, boots with aggressive lines and a little rock, with inserts and buckles, designed for a decisive and effective look. Sangiorgio also offers very trendy, dedicated to women who are not afraid to give. This type of footwear is especially suitable for the legs, especially when combined with leggings or pants of the same color. Finally, you can choose the Ugg model, soft and warm, designed for those who love the "cozy" style.

As for colors, the women's boots featured on Sangiorgio range from classic and timeless black, brown and beige to more daring proposals, such as red, and unconventional, like green.

Style tips and matches

Notwithstanding that the boots are a wild accessory in a woman's wardrobe, let's see how to match them to get a style that stands out. The classic boots with tube-shaped leggings lend themselves to almost any combination: skinny jeans, leggings, knee-length dresses and skirts. Those with high heels make the figure more elongated and immediately created a more elegant look, suitable for the evening or the most important occasions.

He is advised to follow some precautions to ensure that they are able to enhance the figure, rather than weighing it down. This type of shoes, in fact, helps to create a harmonious whole, when worn with leggings, dresses and short skirts. Bandits, in this case, loose-fitting pants or long skirts above the knee.

And the UGG? Nothing could be simpler: just a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, with a maxipull, to immediately have a cozy, comfortable yet trendy look.

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