Women's moccasins

Loafers have always been a cult in men's clothing but today they are also perfect for her, declined in many shapes and as many materials. The Sangiorgio online shop offers a wide range of moccasins in many designs, ideal to complete any night & day outfit. By visiting the site sangiorgiomerate.com you can choose your favorite moccasin and combine it with the rest of the day look, for work and leisure, or for the evening and a special outing with your partner and friends. Let's find out some of the must-haves, including stylish online women's moccasins, versatile for any occasion in which to be spectacular.

Elegant loafers for daytime and formal occasions

If you are looking for an elegant alternative to the usual heel, the moccasin is the shoe for you, linear, sober and feminine, but always with that original touch that makes the difference. For a formal and more rigorous dress code, the women's loafers distributed by the Sangiorgio brand are perfect, made entirely in Italy with top quality leathers and refined details. With a sober and essential line, they are available in a variegated color palette, from total black to bluette, up to carmine red. Sangiorgio women's moccasins are made of genuine leather with craftsmanship, made unique by that typical Made in Italy craftsmanship: you can choose tone-on-tone moccasins, in matt or lacquered versions, or those with tassels and chrome decorations. Sangiorgio is the leading online shop in the sale of classy moccasins, perfect for all formal occasions in which to be impeccable. On the Sangiorgio Merate online site you can also find Cinzia Soft moccasins that offer shoes in very soft leather with crocodile print and ultra-light rubber sole. Also beautiful are the models of Nelly Daily moccasins, such as Carmens, the easy-to-dress type to wear every day.

Perfect moccasins for leisure and for the evening: how to best match them?

Not only for the office and for business meetings: the moccasins available on the Sangiorgio Merate website are perfect for leisure occasions, for the evening and for going out to an exclusive venue. Women's moccasins have an immediately distinguishable line, elegant but at the same time original and unconventional: a mix between casual chic and formal, with a touch of personality that makes the difference. For example, if you are looking for a very special women's moccasin, Alfredo Giantin is the brand that produces the classic Charleston dance shoes, the optical black and white ones. The Philosophy moccasin with fringes and contrasting color strap is unrepeatable, to be combined with masculine cut trousers but also with a pleated skirt, for a naive and collegial look. Combine your black moccasin shoes with a turtleneck and shorts, or with a beautiful 60s full skirt. Each model of women's moccasins available on the Sangiorgio online shop lends itself to a thousand combinations of style.

Animal prints and unique prints

If you are looking for an exclusive shoe for a special occasion, do not forget that Sangiorgio Merate is the online shoe shop specializing in the sale of unique and well-finished pieces with handcrafted female moccasins in all details, such as those with animal prints by the Poesie brand. Venetian blinds. You can choose moccasins with python and tortoise print in orange or in shades of light blue, safari and amber for a look inspired by warm African landscapes. If, on the other hand, you want to stay on the classic, on the Sangiorgio Merate online shop you will find the have to moccasins distributed by Tod's, Vittoria Mengoni, Luca Grossi, or the women's moccasins by Fabi and other exclusive brands, all to be worn. Do you want to create your own personalized outfit with a trendy moccasin? Each outfit has its own rules and requires women's moccasins that are versatile to that dress code: for example, for a sporty look, wear moccasins with a sober and essential line, to be combined with golf and sailing suits. Are you looking for an exclusive look to go dancing? A pair of women's moccasins with a shiny finish and you will be the queen of the dance floor. For work and the office, on the other hand, it is better not to overdo the decorations and opt for moccasins for her in leather, simple but essential and possibly tone-on-tone.

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