Bags for woman

Bags are a real must-have for every woman. Starting with the handbags, the elegant pochette passes through the shoulder bags, the shoulder bag, up to the very practical backpacks, each is free to show off the woman bag best suited to her style and context.

Unlike what you might think, in fact, there is no bag suitable for every occasion, but every circumstance requires an ad hoc scholarship. So let's get into the details and see together how to choose the right women's bag!

The right bag for every occasion

The first aspect to consider when deciding to buy a bag is the context in which you will want to wear it. In particular, we advise you to opt for large bags to be used during the morning, medium during the afternoon and clutch bags in the evening. At the same time it is good to remember that on occasions of special events, such as a wedding or a reception, you should never use a clutch bag in morning or afternoon time. Alternatively it is better to opt for a day packet. An elegant solution, but more suited to the context.

As for the color, the women's bag should match as closely as possible to the color of the shoes. In this case we recommend opting for brighter and warmer shades in summer, while in winter and darker shades in the evening. Alternatively, use a woman bag in neutral tones: this way you can be sure you won't make a mistake. In any case, the important thing is to opt for a quality woman bag that can reflect your style and give an extra touch to your outfit.

How to wear a woman bag

As already mentioned, it is possible to opt for various types of women's bags, each of which has its own characteristics. If it is a handbag it must be carried by hand, while those on the shoulder must be worn on the shoulder. We therefore advise you to avoid altering the use of the bags. Otherwise, it is better to opt for another type of scholarship. After all, you are spoiled for choice. In particular, if you want to wear a quality women's bag that is at the same time elegant and beautiful to look at, we suggest you opt for the following brands: Rebecca Minkoff, Borbonese, Coccinelle, Ermanno Scervino, but also Hogan, Ice Iceberg, Patrizia Pepe, Reptile's House, Steve Madden and Twentyfourhaitch.

Once you have chosen the bag of your wishes, remember to take care of them. The inside of the bags, in fact, must always be clean and contain the bare minimum. At the same time we suggest you never place a woman bag on the floor or on the table. The ideal solution, in fact, would be to place it on a chair or in a wardrobe. If you have a clutch, instead, you can place it on your chair, between your back and the back of the chair.

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