The term pumps means "neck uncovered" and this is the name of most famous feminine footwear. Specified by the heel height or shape when a woman wears a pair of pumps, her leg is immediately enhanced, making her physical shape and immediately giving it an elegant and well-groomed appearance, the instep is gently uncovered.

Every woman in her wardrobe has at least a pair of pumps to show off on a special occasion or simply as an alternative to the most needful and comfortable sneakers. Over the years, fashion shows have offered us cleavage in multiple forms and styles: pointed, rounded, square or with a porthole (peep toe for a small opening and open toe for a large one); with a stiletto heel from the very thin support base, with a stiletto heel, or the thin and elegant but slightly squared Italian heel for a more stable support; with round neckline, heart-shaped, U-shaped with deep neckline or less.

Given the wide genre proposal it is impossible not to find a pair of décolleté that fully satisfies every need and taste. When choosing a pump it is important to consider the comfort of the shoe, because in addition to being beautiful it must be comfortable and to be worn without fear that after a short time the walk will be tiring and so to speak ... not very graceful.

First of all it is important to dispel the myth that a high heel is necessarily uncomfortable, in the window of our site you will find a quality assortment made of brands that use fine materials and leather, for example the collection of Michael Kors proposes both high heels over 8 cm that very low and square heels both of quality and different use.

The combinations of a pump are very varied, they can be worn both with jeans and casual outfits and with dresses and skirts at the calf for a more classic and elegant style. In the case of an open toe pump it is important not to wear tights with reinforcement on the heel or seams on the toe, but rather to show off an excellent cured pedicure with a sensual red or natural enamel. For those who want to dare fashion offers combinations with colored socks and longuette skirts or pants up to the ankles.

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Regalo Natale