Laura Bellariva

Laura Bellariva is an Italian brand with roots in Civitanova Marche where the shoe factory is located which, since the seventies, thanks to the experience of the founder Elio Schiavoni, produces and markets Laura Bellariva shoes.

Laura Bellariva women's shoes boast an entirely made in Italy process: starting from the choice of raw materials, mainly leather, to the design of the model, up to the realization. Leather is the fundamental component of Laura Bellariva shoes, expertly worked by hand and also used for the realization of the internal insole that guarantees maximum comfort while walking.

The Laura Bellariva line of shoes is very varied, ranging from high-legged boots, enveloping up to the knee, with applied buckle, two-centimeter heel and rubber sole, to lace-up shoes with a masculine cut which, if wisely worn, turn out to be hyper-feminine and very refined.

Loafers are another of the highlights of the Laura Bellariva shoe collection, they stand out for their particularity and details such as tassels and suede inserts, because in addition to being made of high quality materials and handcrafted finished, Laura Bellariva shoes are always in line with the trends of the moment in terms of style and fashion.

Laura Bellariva shoes are a certainty for all women who want to show off a pair of shoes of superior quality, made with passion by artisans, who for decades have perfected and innovated the processing of materials, Bellariva shoes respect the highest craftsmanship tradition while adapting to the needs of the style of the moment.

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