Dr Martens is a brand known all over the world mainly for its most iconic footwear: amphibians, born as comfortable work shoes and then, from the Sixties onwards, worn by generations of boys and girls up to the present day. Dr Martens amphibians are recognizable among every type of footwear, thanks to the typical yellow stitching and rounded toe, characteristics common to all models.

Although combat boots are the brand's flagship shoes, Dr Martens produces many other models, all available on Sangiorgio. These are sturdy footwear with a massive sole that is a trademark.

Dr Martens: the models

Dr Martens ' proposals on Sangiorgio include different models, starting with the timeless and unmistakable amphibians. The latter, characterized by the yellow stitching and the eight-hole lacing, are made comfortable by the cushioned sole, which cushions the walk without straining the feet. The Dr Martens boots available on Sangiorgio range from those with classic soles to those with higher soles, and include unisex models, in leather or patent, and other more feminine ones, embellished with glitter that give the shoes a unique style.
In addition to the classic amphibians, Dr Martens offers a different type, for women, with a higher leg and equipped with a side zip to facilitate the shoe. It is a very interesting amphibian variant because it is extremely modern and adaptable to multiple outfits.
Other proposals include flat shoes for men, in leather, with the typical thick sole and yellow stitching of amphibians but characterized by holes on the front and a more tapered line, which makes them also suitable for less informal clothing. They are available in the classic black and brown colors and are aimed at both young and old audiences, offering style and comfort in any case.
On the Sangiorgio online shop there are also models that go beyond the brand's most famous footwear, for example women's sandals with gritty and decisive lines, with a sturdy non-slip sole and adjustable straps, also available in a "gladiator" version or with an ankle strap. .

Dr Martens: recommended combinations

How to wear the exclusive Dr Martens models ? As for amphibians, worn by women and men of all ages, these are well suited to jeans and sports pants for men, but also to leggings and skirts for women. In any case, these shoes give the possibility to create looks suitable for every day, especially for leisure time.
Women 's combat boots with a high leg look good with knee-length skirts and dresses, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style. The flat shoes for men , with their perforations and softer lines, mean that these shoes can be worn with both jeans and casual trousers, making the ensemble informal but trendy.
Finally, women's sandals are well suited to wide or skinny trousers, but also to skirts and summer dresses, giving life to informal but fashionable outfits.

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