The CLJD sneakers are the most exclusive accessory for those who want to stand out of the crowd wearing shoes with a unique and sophisticated design. These Korean shoes are literally driving chunky sneakers lovers crazy! Express yourself and show off your exuberant personality, choose CLJD sneakers!

CLJD STUDIO sets the trend for chunky sneakers

Both insiders and the general public are increasingly appreciating the creativity and style of these shoes. There are many fashion brands that have introduced elements clearly inspired by CLJD sneakers into their collections. The mix and mach of strong contrasting colors, the patchwork of different materials, the printed writings of industrial derivation, the exasperated volumes are some of the elements that distinguish the brand.

Style but also comfort

The strength of CLJD STUDIO lies not only in the unique and unmistakable style, but also in the ability to create comfortable products in the fit, long lasting and excellent workmanship. The right value for money is in fact the icing on the cake, in a fashion market where price exasperations are now uncontrolled and definitively unrelated to the quality value of the product.

Choose originality, not massification

Even in the world of sneakers unfortunately certain mass phenomena have approved the style and the risk is to buy products to find themselves around with the same shoe that everyone has. Choosing CLJD women's sneakers means choosing a niche product that will surely amaze your friends and make you stand out!

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