Discover our selection of ZOE shoes. Boots, ankle boots, bikers and sandals made in Italy near the beautifull city of Neaples. Models always up to date with the latest trends, comfortable fit and that touch of "malice" that distinguishes the brand. ZOE is fashion and quality at the right price!

ZOE ankle boots and more

In recent years, the ZOE ankle boots have become one of the flagship products of the Campania brand that has proposed collections focused on a casual style for women with a free and relaxed personality, able to show off with fashionable accessories but never exaggerated or eccentric. The ZOE Texan ankle boots, for example, are made on a traditional style but are distinguished by the particularity of accessories and refined materials.

Fashion without sacrificing comfort

An essential feature of ZOE shoes is comfort, the result of craftsmanship of the best Campania tradition and the use of first choice materials. This is the secret of true made in Italy!

ZOE footwear: quality at the right price

Another strong point of the ZOE brand is the price. Whether they are boots, ankle boots, bikers or shoes and sandals, the price is never exaggerated indeed, in relation to the quality of the products it is really affordable! ZOE will be able to amaze you with the gritty and current style of its collections and you will be fully satisfied with the comfort and quality of the products

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