The furlane by CRISTINAdiMILANO

Die Furlane, auch Staftets, Scarpets, Scarpez genannt, sind die Schuhe der friaulischen Tradition. Je nach Standort werden sie auch als Papusse, Venedig-Schuhe oder Hausschuhe bezeichnet. Alle Definitionen, die auf ein handwerkliches Produkt der Volkstradition Nordostitaliens hinweisen, insbesondere auf Friaul Julisch Venetien. Die friaulischen Schuhe CRISTINAdiMILANO stellen diese Tradition wieder her und machen sie zu einem schicken und romantischen Accessoire für zu Hause oder im Freien, sowohl zu besonderen Anlässen als auch im Alltag. Die Verwendung von recycelten Materialien ist eines der Merkmale der Konstruktion dieser raffinierten Schuhe, deren Sohlen ursprünglich aus gebrauchten Fahrradreifen hergestellt wurden.

Originally from the mountains of Carnia, when the "furlane" arrived in Venice they quickly spread for their practicality and originality. The gondoliers were the first to use these shoes which allowed them not to damage the precious paint of their gondolas. Then they were discovered by the lords of the Venetian bourgeoisie and nobility, who adopted them daily. And how can you blame them? They are very comfortable and very refined!

CRISTINAdiMILANO today offers a luxury version of these all-Italian shoes. Although simple and "poor" in the original structure, the Venice shoes is reborn with models made of fine damask velvet, a light, silky and iridescent textured fabric that brings to mind ancient and romantic images. These precious and rich fabrics selected by CRISTINAdiMILANO are mainly silk velvets from the historic local textile factories, which have worked with ancient designs and techniques, handed down from generation to generation and which still today produce on vintage looms with precious silk and cotton threads. From the skill of the fabric master craftsmen, true Friulian artists of colors and shades, fabrics made with unique and entirely manual printing techniques take shape, capable of giving the product unique tactile and aesthetic characteristics.

The Venice shoes of CRISTINAdiMILANO want to propose to the wearer a magical, almost evocative sensation. Wearing an excellent Friulian craftsmanship means owning a unique piece that is part of Venetian history and the tradition of Made in Italy excellence. Unique, comfortable and refined shoes, perfect for all occasions, both day and night, to attract attention with an exclusive style.

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