Hundred 100 is the brand of the Aldo's Shoes group born in 2002 and dedicated to the creation of entirely handmade men's and women's shoes. The purpuse of the brand Hundred 100 is to bring down the best Florentine leather processed by the best manpower in the area. The company has its headquarters in Florence, the cradle of high quality leather processing.

The Hundred 100 quality

Each Hundred 100 shoe is treated in detail by skilled artisans in the footwear industry. The goal is to create shoes that are as accessible as they are excellent quality, and to do this it is essential to employ a highly specialized workforce. Each piece is studded with attention from the moment of its creation on paper. Designers are very careful, in fact, in making designs that can respect the stylistic canons of classic footwear but without expiring in trivial repetition. Each Hundred 100 shoe is therefore equipped with its own well-defined stylistic imprint.

Everything is then accompanied by a meticulous selection of the leather to be used, which of course are selected among the best on the Italian territory (remember that Florence is a pioneer in the leather goods industry) and a very careful production process. The shoes are carved, sewn and finished by hand in an attempt to give life to premium and durable footwear over the years.

Hundred 100: style

The Hundred 100 style is a clean and essential style. In every collection for men or women, summer or winter, there is no shortage of great classics such as biker boots and lace-up ankle boots. But also sandals with low heel and much more. Obviously, even the most particular footwear is combined with the basic models. The fundamental element is always the processing of leather, which is often deliberately aged to look for a more grunge style and in step with the times and with the demands of the modern market.

Hundred 100 then its best also and especially in spring and summer. The focus of the company is always the boots, which are made lighter and more comfortable (even in the heat) thanks to perforations and inlays. In the catalog, however, never miss the everlasting moccasins for both men and women, the summer footwear par excellence to be used both in more formal outfits and under more relaxed looks, by day.

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