The celebrated Hogan brand has been part of the Italian group Tod’s, producer of luxury items, since 1986. Hogan is the creator par excellence of the “casual chic” look, a trend that has been spreading like wildfire in recent years. The first shoe Hogan launched on the market was the “traditional” leather lace-up with low sole in yellow rubber, inspired to the world of cricket while the most popular so far is the Interactive model.

Hogan became an established brand in the 1990s with its Interactive model: the perfect union between a sports shoe and the increasingly sought-after urban style. The Hogan Interactive model with raised sole is the uncontested symbol of the Hogan brand, with its distinctive letter H in relief on the shoe side.

Hogan today

Later, in the 2000s, we see the rise of the Olympia model: a superlight low-sole shoe, and another success of the Hogan brand. The Hogan Rebel line emerges around 2010: a brand new concept of spunky shoes, colorful and different from what we had been accustomed to expect from Hogan until now.

Hogan Interactive³: a new concept of casual-chic sneaker

Hogan sneakers in the Interactive 3 Cube line have found a way to fully evolve, following the urban style with changing shapes and multiplying models: leather lace-up sneakers with micro-sequin inserts, silver leather slip-ons with elastic side bands and rope details, running shoes in perforated suede.

Hogan-3R sneakers in the name of sustainability

Recycle - Reuse - Reduce. Fantastic in bold design and technologically innovative, the new HOGAN-3R sneaker take care of the nature both in terms of sustainability and aesthetic inspiration. The super light bottom in EVA Sustainable+ is made using recycled materials and has a porosity that will make you remember that of the rock. The iconic H is made of recycled rubber and wraps the shoe in a circular motion, which recalls the virtuous ecological cycle. The upper of the HOGAN-3R collection is in ByPell which is made with the mixture of unused leathers and other materials. In this way, your Hogans help to limit the environmental impact. The suede details are tanned without the use of chemical elements.

And for those who won’t give up heels?

Hogan also offers high heel shoes, such as the beautiful sandals Hogan Interactive Heels, with 4.3 inch heels and plateau, ankle strap in metal-colored leather and the distinctive rubber sole, enabling you to comfortably wear high heels even all day long. Hogan is the perfect brand for all women who love to be sophisticated without renouncing comfort and a casual style.

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