Marco Ferretti

High-quality, accuracy, refinement, attention and care in the processes of manufacturing constitute the fundamental characteristic of Marco Ferretti shoes. The joining of the different company excellences together with a daily brain-storming activity are at the base of the Marco Ferretti collections that cover a wide-spread target, intercepting both young people and adults.

Marco Ferretti, a high-ranking division of a brand that is over twenty years old

The name of Marco Ferretti is closely related to that of Maritan. In fact, it is one of the main divisions of a company that operates in the production of shoes since the distant 1995. Everything was born thanks to the passion of Giancarlo Maritan, entrepreneur born in Veneto and passionate about the noble art of footwear from an early age. After opening a first factory in Villafranca together with his son Gabriele, he begins to expand his business and give it an international feel. Today the shoe factory collaborates with numerous brands at all levels and continues to seek maximum quality from every point of view. The production goes on successfully and allows this reality to grow to a remarkable extent.

A design with attention to the smallest details for quality footwear

The Marco Ferretti brand, as well as the entire reality of Maritan, has among its strengths a design cared for in the smallest details. Every single step takes on its relevance and is managed properly by a team of authentic professionals. Obviously, each work is born from a simple idea, which is gradually developed and enriched with a long series of details. Everything continues with the selection of the skins, which are chosen according to the type of shoes to be made. Each of the materials used reaches its full effectiveness through a laborious phase dedicated to cutting. At this point, the resulting portions are combined and finished with the aim of completing the upper of the shoes to the fullest. Finally, everything is completed with the final assembly, with the upper modeled according to the initial shape and the appearance of the undergarment. The passages are carried out thanks to the work of cutters with expert and competent hands, able to guarantee a professionalism that is always first and foremost.

Ferretti shoes, perfect collections for strong personalities

The strengths of the Marco Ferretti brand can easily be noticed in each of its high-ranking collections. We are talking about men's shoes suitable for all occasions. There are winter shoes and boots, capable of wrapping the foot in an almost perfect climatic situation. There are also sandals and slippers designed especially for the hottest periods of the year. An attentive eye is always turned to the search for comfort, with feet that must be in a state of absolute comfort and relaxation.

All this without ever leaving in the background the importance of the search for an exclusive and personal style, ideal for any type of occasion. In this way, Marco Ferretti footwear puts at the disposal of its customers suitable footwear for both occasions of greater importance, both for work and free time.

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