The Tod’s brand has been for almost a century a paradigm of the most refined workmanship Made in Italy. Created in the early 20th Century by Filippo della Valle, it offers luxury footwear that stands out for its excellent craftsmanship.

Offering a large selection of models for both man and woman, this brand is renowned for its many celebrated collections, as well as for its handbags. Those who choose Tod’s shoes opt for tastefulness and perfection, and demonstrate an appreciation of exquisite detail and finishes that only an handicraft-based approach is able to offer. Tod’s makes the most of any outfit and any kind of apparel it is paired with. Why not find out more about it?

Tod’s shoes

Tod’s shoes are great for work and recreation: it is important to live every moment of the day at its best, with passion and comfort. Choosing Tod’s products means choosing a lifestyle, a spirit open to the world and a cosmopolitan approach, with a touch of glamour. Luxury is evident in every Tod’s item without ever becoming ostentatious, embellished by top quality materials. That is why all Tod’s shoes last a long time, preserving their beauty and elegance through the years: they become essential reference points in the definition of one’s own look.

Tod’s Moccasins

Tod’s Moccasins, also known as gommini, are celebrated all over the world for their special sole. The highest standards of quality are guaranteed by meticulous and refined leather workmanship, with attention paid to every detail. English-style perforation for lace-up models guarantees the most superior aesthetic results. Tod’s moccasins ensure remarkably high levels of comfort all throughout the day, any day of the year: ideal for the summer thanks to their coolness, they can be worn in any other season, showing off their impeccable finish and unique, enviable design. 

Tod's per un look perfetto

For a perfect look with Tod’s shoes, you can count on the advice and recommendations found on Notes, a virtual guide centered on Italian elegance. The Italian style for men is emphasized with specific focus on the origins and culture of elegance: a proof that Tod’s shoes will make you feel at ease in any place, whether you are showing off a sports outfit or more formal apparel.

How to match tod’s shoes

Tod’s shoes definitely do not go unnoticed: available for every occasion in daily life, these fashion items are also a status symbol for the person wearing them. Lace-up shoes fit particularly well with a pinstripe suit, perfect for a work meeting or a gala dinner, as well as for romantic dates.

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