Blundstone is the leading Australian brand in the production of boots and ankle boots for men, women and children.
The brand, famous all over the world, produces high quality footwear at fair prices, and also presents in its catalog a secondary line dedicated exclusively to regulatory work footwear.

Blundstone: quality

The quality of Blundstone boots and ankle boots is certainly the strong point of the company. Since the brand specializes exclusively in this macro-production area, it has managed to obtain, over time, an increasingly profitable and increasingly avant-garde production. Blundstone ankle boots are designed to withstand the harshest climates and to last intact over the years, thanks to soles with patented technologies and first choice materials. Leather and suede are among the first choice materials selected by the company, but the selection of rubbers and interiors is also important, which can be in sheepskin as well as in nubuck or fabric, it all depends on the model chosen and its ultimate purpose of use. .

Blundstone 500 and Blundstone 550: the icons

The iconic models of the Blundstone brand are the Blundstone 500 and 550 ankle boots . These are two key models, which the company proposes from year to year making small changes and introducing new colors and new coatings. These boots are available in versions for men, women and children.
These are iconic shoes, without lacing and equipped with side elastics that facilitate their wearing. They are shoes halfway between the boot and the ankle, with low heel and low leg, perfect for any occasion, formal and informal.

Blundstone work boots

Safety at work, especially when we are talking about jobs with a high physical impact that put the worker at risk, is very important. Blundstone is certainly a leader in the sector of regulatory work boots and boots, and is known and purchased all over the world especially for this, as well as for the products of the ready-to-wear line. Internally coated metal toes and non-slip and safety soles make Blundstone work shoes almost indestructible. The nice thing is that in the catalog, both for men and women, there are both more "sporty" versions of work shoes, such as ankle boots and boots, and multipurpose work shoes perfect for going from operational environments to an informal dinner without having to to change. Therefore, among the working boots there are also lace-up shoes and moccasins, with an absolutely unexpected appearance, perfect to be exploited on any occasion.

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