White D

White D is a new emerging brand born from the creativity and the Neapolitan artisan tradition collected and reinterpreted by Rosario D’Anna. The quality and style of White D footwear has its roots in the best Campania footwear history: the D&D manufacturer was born from the school of the great family tradition of Flli. D’Anna, founded in 1967.

Thanks to the very high quality of its products, the White D brand has immediately established itself as a reference point in the women's footwear sector. White D, which stands out for its exclusively made in Italy products, focuses on a sober and refined style, highly feminine, and on items made by selected artisans and specialized in the construction of high quality footwear. Thanks to this philosophy, D&D continues to amaze with the White D ’line that offers shoes of excellent workmanship, elegant and modern: a mix of elements, which makes this brand appreciated in Italy and abroad

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