Men's ankle boots

With the ankle boot, a truly varied imagination opens up: on our site you will find a vast range of men's ankle boots to vary within your outfits. With a simple and essential fit, these shoes are characterized by being minimal and sophisticated lace -ups, the perfect alternative to other more formal versions of menswear.

They are so called for their noble origins at the court of Krakow, in the fifteenth century: we know that they are refined and versatile shoes with many dress codes, but above all their easy line offers various ideas for playing with shapes and colors. Let's discover the entire Sangiorgio men's ankle boot line, a kaleidoscope of inspirations between sporty, elegant and casual chic moods.

Men's ankle boots for all occasions: the sporty models

The sporty men 's ankle boots are made of robust materials such as leather and carbon fiber, resistant to shocks and water: Tod's and Brecos offer many models, such as the suede pegs in leather and water-repellent leather, the so-called go rain fabric which allows you to walk in the rain, in the woods and on mountain paths. Also very interesting are the ankle boot models in suede leather , with an ankle-high upper, also by Brecos, or the Pawelk's peduline in shiny leather with brass hooks.

Elegant and super sophisticated ankle boots for the office and work

Do daily work demands require elegant and more formal shoes? On our site you can buy tone-on-tone black ankle boots, opaque matt or glossy and satin versions to combine with classic men's cut trousers. For example, you can buy the Tod's, Fabi, Barracuda and Cavallini models, big names specializing in the sale of classy men's ankle boots . Instead, are you looking for a great cult of all men's shoes, the so-called Clarks ankle-style desert boots model ? Many shaved and minimal chic items are available on the online shop, with pure structure and characterized by high lacing, suede and double eyelets. These very glamorous ankle boots are also distinguished by the sole made of creped rubber and latex, one of the first water-repellent patents with which fashion was measured: buy the desert ankle boots by Fratelli Rossetti, Tod's, Cavallini, Eveet, Fabi and Barracuda, from the real prestigious signatures on your outfit.

Poles in grunge style and dandy style

For those who are looking for a pair of ankle boots with a light-hearted, disengaged and fakely neglected mood as the grunge music of the 90s wants, models in worked leather with artificial folds that give a rugged look are available on the Sangiorgio online store . Perfect with dungarees, camouflage pants and killer sports suits, to choose from Birkenstock, Hundred and Brecos items. Finally, the most sought-after customer cannot do without the black and chocolate nuanced ankle boots by Marco Ferretti and Barrow's, with decorations on the upper and late 19th century references. A true tribute to the dandy and bohemian spirit of Oscar Wilde. How to combine men 's ankle boots ? It's very simple, you can play with register and dresscode, based on a formal occasion or more relaxed and carefree. They are perfect with both jeans and classic tailored trousers, with flared and cropped jackets, but also polo shirts and V-neck sweaters.

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