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Choosing the right footwear can determine the success of an entire outfit, which is why it is important to always wear the most suitable shoe for every occasion. Shoes with buckles for men, also known as monk straps, are a real choice of style because they embody the image of the elegant man, who likes to dress well and be at ease in every context.

This type of shoes brings with it that touch of elegance that gives class to the man who wears them, whether in the office or at leisure.

On Sangiorgio is possible to buy shoes with buckles for men of the best brands, modern and refined footwear for men of all ages.

Monk strap for men: the Sangiorgio proposals

For those who want to buy classy footwear, packaged with top quality leathers and with attention to every detail, Sangiorgio offers numerous trendy models.

These are moccasins in smooth or suede leather that follow the lines of a classic shoe, but revisited in a modern key, taking inspiration from fashion trends, creating a balance that makes these shoes an extremely adaptable accessory that can be used on many occasions.

These shoes have a highly wear-resistant rubber and leather sole, while on the upper is a small side buckle that gives personality to the shoe, making it classic and modern at the same time, thanks to the presence of a fringe on the front and a hole in tip.

Then there is the version with two buckles, in suede and with a leather sole, very comfortable to wear thanks to the softness of the leather used. The two buckles are the element that gives particularity to the shoe, making it an accessory that is always in step with fashion. Very similar models are also available in smooth leather, for those who prefer greater elegance.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose footwear with non-metallic buckles, but made with the same leather as shoes, creating a harmonious and minimal whole.

Those who love dandy style can opt for a pair of shoes with double buckles, but in woven leather and leather sole: they are elegant and effective shoes, for those who want to wear a more exclusive accessory.

Finally, on Sangiorgio you can find men's shoes with Flex Goodyear type buckles, which combine elegance and comfort as they are very flexible.

How to wear monk straps

Men's buckled shoes are sought-after and classy footwear that suits men of all ages. There are plenty of opportunities for use: from the office to an evening out, from formal occasions to leisure time, you can always find a good reason to wear them.

What will make the difference will be the combinations: this type of shoes, in fact, does not fit a sporty look made of wide pants and sweatshirts, but requires a more formal look even if not necessarily elegant.

For example, these shoes are paired with straight leg trousers or jeans, like the classic five-pocket model, paired with a shaved shirt or pullover. It is a perfect match both for the office and for a night out, and donates to virtually everyone.

Monk straps shoes can be combined with trousers and jackets with a modern and non-formal cut, but also with the classic complete with shirt and without a tie, to defuse an otherwise “plastered” look.

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