Man's loafers have always been synonymous with elegance and beauty. Able to give a touch of style to any dress and on any occasion, there is no man who has not decided, or at least thought, to wear this type of footwear at least once in a lifetime. At this point, however, a question naturally arises: better to wear them with socks or without? Let's try to find out together!

Mocassins for men: with or without socks?

Starting from the assumption that everyone is free to do what they prefer, it is good to know that there is not a single answer to this question that has always tormented men. In particular, the advice we can give you is to adapt to the context.

If you decide to use men's moccasins in winter it might be more appropriate to wear socks, while you can avoid them in the summer. At the same time it is important to distinguish an informal event from a formal one. In the latter case, in fact, the watchword is to wear men's moccasins with socks. Seeing the bare ankle, in fact, can be perceived as a sign of little elegance, so it is better to avoid. As for the color of socks, instead, it is better to opt for dark shades like black, blue and gray.

Man moccasins: looking for the right combination

Unlike what you might think, it is not enough to wear men's moccasins to be classy men. While it is true that this type of footwear helps to give a touch of class, on the other hand it is important to match shoes and trousers appropriately, with an eye to the situation.

In particular, we advise you to wear moccasins for men without socks in case you decide to wear straight trousers, with a narrow leg and a wide bottom at most 17 cm. Absolutely avoid wearing moccasins for men without socks under bell bottoms. If instead you opt for an elegant dress, stockings are a must.

In this case, in fact, the most suitable choice is to wear the classic long sock. Absolutely to avoid, however, the so-called invisible sock. If you want to have an impeccable style in a highly formal context, then, you can't wear men's moccasins without socks. At most we give you the use of slightly lower socks, but only if the pants do not discover some piece of skin.

At this point you just have to choose the man moccasins that best suit your tastes and needs. Starting from the models of the Fabi brand, they pass through Tod's, J. Wilton, Moreschi, Calpierre, Santoni, Brecos, up to Marco Ferretti, you will be spoiled for choice. The important thing is to wear quality man moccasins and match them in a way that suits your style and context.

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Regalo Natale